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Meet Happy. Work. Life. 

We guide you to happiness: explore your personality strengths and what you need most, then commit to exercises and find world-class coaches to improve your wellbeing and happiness at work (and in life).

Your Dashboard

Check your happiness score and exercise progress. There are also points for helping others since it's good for them and for you.

Scheduled Exercises

All scheduled exercises show up here. We encourage you to commit to exercises since research shows that you are more likely to complete something that is on your calendar.

Recommended for you

Based on your strengths and needs, we recommend exercises and interventions that are most powerful for you. We want you to be happier fast.

How does this actually work?

We first assess your personality strengths since research show that using your strengths to improve your wellbeing will be more effective.

Then, we suggest a curated curriculum of exercises and nudge you to commit to them by adding them to your calendar. These exercises include in app experiences you can do right away or you can book one of the offerings of our affiliated coaches.

Research shows that people who go through these exercises on a regular basis are experiencing positive effects within a few weeks.

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"The scheduling really helps me actually completing my happiness exercises! That works so much better than apps I tried before."

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