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Manifesto for the Future of Work

Embracing ​Transformation, ​​Resilience, and Trust in Tomorrow. 

People's power is the most critical asset in our efforts to bring a flourishing future into existence. How we feel at work is the strongest predictor of our ability to generate positive outcomes for our communities and the planet. Too often, fears of losing employment and cutting short a professional career take over the impetus to do things differently.

We are under pressure by the relentless forces of Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Remote Work, and Generational Shifts. As we try to engage with our most pressing problems, our world needs a radical reinvention of work.

Climate Change as a Catalyst for Transformation:
The specter of climate change looms large, threatening our very existence. We see this existential threat as a final call for transformation. Our workplaces must lead this charge, becoming places of active engagement to reduce carbon footprints, innovate, and transform our societies from material consumption and inequality to a circular and equitable economy. Every job, every task, and every decision must be viewed through this filter. This is our path to prosperity, our way back towards a regenerative economy and a healthy planet.

Resistance Against the Tides of AI and Automation:
We recognize that AI and automation bring forth unprecedented challenges. They threaten to disrupt the fabric of our work lives, displacing jobs and creating new forms of inequality. We will not be passive spectators. We assert our right to harness these tools, not as the enslavers or the enslaved, but as partners in our pursuit of a better world. We demand regulations that protect workers and their individuality while we promote the responsible and unbiased use of AI, ensuring it serves humanity, not the other way around.

Cultural Transformation as the Bedrock of Progress:
The cultural transformation of the workforce is pivotal. This is not just about adapting to new technologies or work models but a more profound shift in values and attitudes. We envision diverse but genuinely inclusive workplaces - where every voice is heard, every culture respected, and every individual empowered. We seek a culture that fosters personal development, healing, and acceptance. 

Embracing the Remote Revolution:
The shift to remote work is not just a trend but a revolution that redefines the meaning of the workplace. We embrace this change, advocating for a future where work is no longer a place we go but a commitment we make - healthily, efficiently, creatively, and sustainably. We champion flexible work models that cater to diverse lifestyles and needs, creating a global workforce unbound by geographical limitations, enriched by diversity, and driven by physical and digital tools. Paying tribute to our social abilities –offline and online– to maintain and strengthen our relationships at work and emotional life beyond the workplace.

The Future is Collaboration:
In the face of these monumental challenges, we cannot accept to give in to disagreement; we must find ways to move forward. Self-awareness and collaboration are our most potent weapons. We can build a better future through sharing ideas, skills, and visions. We advocate for collaborative platforms, cross-industry partnerships, and community engagement as the keystones of our new work culture.

Preparing for Tomorrow, Today:
We believe in dreaming of a better future and actively preparing for it. This means constant learning, unlearning, and relearning. It's about staying present, adaptable, and open to new possibilities, risking who we are now for who we might become.. Our personal development, collaborative systems, workplace tools, and research efforts must all be geared toward preparing us for the future, especially now as we are nervously awaiting what it will hold.

We stand at the dawn of a new age, an era where work can be a force for good, a catalyst for environmental sustainability, social justice, and personal fulfillment. We, the people of Future's People, commit to making this vision a reality. We embrace resistance, innovation, collaboration, and transformation as the pillars of this new world. Join us, for in unity lies the strength to forge a survivable and thriving future.


Employee Happiness

Equal & Fair Pay


Mental Health

Work Life Balance

Ownership & Control

Psychological Safety


Be part of the Movement!

If you feel the Manifesto resonates with you and you are actively working in one of the areas above, please get in touch with us. 

We want to genuinely push our joined mission forward. We strongly believe in collaboration - we can only accelerate the journey together.

And we want to create this Movement together. It might mean a marketplace, a summit, workshop or collaboration on digital solutions. Every idea is welcome.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant. 
Let's work together.

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