Spotify for your work-life

Your personal AI coach who helps you create the career you want - 
focussing on well-being and a sense of belonging.

Get better when you need it

Learn more about how you can improve your wellbeing at work on your own terms - no HR or leadership buy-in required.

An assistant who helps you

Whether you have an issue with a coworker, your boss or someone else, the Coach can guide you step by step through conflict mitigation.

You might need a better job

Often it's quite simple: your personal values are just not aligned with your organization (and everyone else there). Our AI Coach can help you find which company, job and occupation is best for you and will even find open positions for you. 

How does this work?

Our AI is trained with the latest research on why and how people perform best and are happy at work. Our research based approach looks at your personality, your set of values and skills. We also invented a methodology to distill the personalities of companies - and match them to yours. 

Based on what we know about you, we'll make sure you can optimize your performance and happiness at your current job. But if it doesn't work, we use AI to find the best job for you and hook you up.

A growing number of employers understand that mission alignment and intrinsic motivation will make you the best candidate for the role, making it more likely to get you the job you deserve.

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    "I found the company that actually cares about the stuff I do. HappyWork.AI found an open position there and even reached out to the hiring manager on my behalf! "

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