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Happy workers are 13% more productive

Oxford University's Saïd Business School/ BT

Why now?

Many organizations suffer from the impact of COVID-19. When you are worried about your bottom line, how important can the happiness of your employees be?

Maybe look at it this way: your employees are already suffering even more. They are anxious about their jobs, their health, their families and loved ones. Most of them have been thrown into this new work world without warning. Many don't even realize how much they miss all the small things that gave them the feeling of belonging and safety.

This workshop is an opportunity to show your employees how much you care. It's an opportunity for them to meet and engage in team building outside of project work.

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A research-based 3 track workshop 
(2 or 3 days) for up to 12 Employees

Track 1

Who are you?

  • Interviews: Who are you?
  • Line-up: who are you at work? What drives you?
  • Individual Character Strengths and virtues
  • Strengths & values of the groups

Track 2

Who is your brand?

  • The Brand Deck exercise (perceived brand positioning)
  • Brand values and the six virtues of character strengths
  • Mapping, voting and prioritization
  • Create the Six Virtues of your Brand scatterplot

Track 3

Find & Build Solutions

  • Review personal happiness drivers and internal brand positioning, where do you see potential issues?
  • Voting and prioritization
  • Find possible solutions for issues you discovered
  • Build prototypes and present it to the group(s)
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